Chronicling age- old themes: death and rebirth, injustice, pain and healing, self-awareness and coming into power, her music is both easy on the ear and rich in meaning. Listeners have said:

“I’m absolutely captivated by Xhalisse’s hypnotic voice. Her lyrics are deeps and inspired and she rocks at pretty much any instrument you place in front of her. I especially love when she throws in the flute or adds harmonic vocal tracks.”

“Xhalisse has an enormous repertoire of great original songs and covers done in​ her own unique style with a great range of vocals and some ​fantastic guitar work.”

Behind the Name

XHALISSE- ( zaal- leece): Exhale into lisse

Breathe out, send out, emanate

in order to

Relieve, mitigate, assuage ( pain etc)

For me music is a conduit for real and honest expression that leads to a state of feeling OK. A release, form of self-expession, acknowledgement and acceptance of emotional state and perception of the world. This name was chosen in attempt to sum up this concept

Self awareness and expression, spiritual healing and truth. 

This comes through in the music

REBIRTH, coming into power and healing